Complete golf course coverage, front to back.

When you partner with Reliable Golf Services, you get complete management of your golf course and clubhouse grounds. Through a collaborative preparation with you, combined with our extensive maintenance background, , we will design a golf maintenance program that meets your expectations and remains within your budget. Our services focus on the conditions and services you want to see and experience at your facility. We design the program so that everything we do–from green speeds to mowing frequency–creates the best conditions possible at the budget level you need to be at. In addition, we continue to look at all of our maintenance programs to find efficiencies and services that will help you save money and increase your facility’s attributes and conditions.

A dedicated, full-time golf course superintendent will oversee your golf course and monitor all conditions, including weather, staff and schedules, for your facility. Our team of professionals will provide daily communications with your golf staff regarding course conditions and on any issues that may affect the players. We will provide monthly and annual status reports to the club officials to help us develop short and long range development plans to help meet the future needs and improvements at your facility.

We supply and provide all of the personnel, materials, equipment, and leadership that are custom designed to provide you with exceptional quality.

Our complete course coverage includes:

• Extensive golf turf knowledge
• Mowing and trimming
• Bunker maintenance
• Fertilizer and weed control programs
• Disease and insect control programs
• Irrigation system maintenance
• Flower and horticultural installation, maintenance and detailing
• Lake and pond management programs
• Tree maintenance programs
• Prairie management
• Equipment repair and replacement
• Snow removal services
• Long range planning and budgeting
• Golf course improvement provisions
• Complete staffing and human resources management

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