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For over 30 years, Reliable Property Services has specialized in exterior maintenance services in the Upper Midwest. In 2013, we formed a strategic partnership with The Bruce Company of Wisconsin, Inc. and assumed responsibility of their Golf Maintenance Division, acquiring all assets and taking over the management of the 5 courses they previously maintained. Equally important to this transition was Reliable Golf’s retention of the Bruce Company’s existing Golf Maintenance Staff, with their 130 years of combined experience, and the fleet of equipment necessary to the ongoing maintenance program.

Our leadership team has the knowledge, experience and community involvement to deliver a high quality and innovative golf course maintenance program that will result in meeting your courses’ objectives, maintain effective communication, and ensure day to day quality of play.
In today’s challenging golf climate, controlling maintenance expenses is critical. Reliable Golf Services can design a management program that meets your desired level of golf course conditioning while at the same time, stabilizing your annual expenses and removing the chance of those costly “surprises”. Working in harmony with your golf and clubhouse staff, we will provide all of the personnel, equipment, material and experience to efficiently perform day to day operations to guarantee you the best possible playing conditions.

Reliable Golf Services has built upon The Bruce Company’s 20 years of providing excellent playing conditions, exceeding Client’s expectations and developing new techniques and systems to keep your costs down while enhancing the golfing experience.

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